Keynote speakers

Larissa Noury

larissa_nouryPresident-Founder of ‘Colour-Space-Culture’ International Association, PhD in Arts (Bordeaux, 2004) and Architecture (Saint Petersburg, 1988), author of two books ‘Colour in the city’ and ‘Symbolic of colours’, artist, architect-colorist.

She lives and works in Paris, France since 1998.

She has done urban colour study for different cities in France: Caen, Dijon (Quetigny), Montbard, Joinville-en-Champagne etc.

Lindsay MacDonald

lindsay_mcLindsay MacDonald is a Research Fellow at University College London (UCL). His PhD is in ‘Realistic Visualisation of Cultural Heritage Objects’, and his research is in the application of colour image science to representations in 2D and 3D.

He has been Professor at three UK Universities, Fellow of five professional societies, co-editor of eight books and author of over 150 publications in journals and conference proceedings.

He is currently Secretary/Treasurer of the International Colour Association (AIC).

Francesca Valan

fancesca_valanFrancesca Valan is a industrial designer. Her’s work focuses on defining product identity through the design of colors, materials and finishing (CMF Design).

Francesca Valan devises color for multinational companies and designs the colors for diverse products from computers and office furniture to home appliances and sporting goods. She drew up the color guidelines for the city of Milan.

She teaches Color design at the European Design Institute (IED) and SPD (Scuola politecnica di Milano) , and in various Master courses at the Politecnico di Milano as Toy Design master and Master in ColorDesign & Technology. She collaborates with many university and design studios in Italy and abroad.

Janet Best

jane_bestFashion colour consultant. An international authority on global fashion colour management with a career at the exciting cutting edge of colour innovations.

As colour manager with Marks and Spencer played an instrumental role working with industry to further develop and deliver commercial colour systems and products now adopted as industry best practice and standards in the areas of digital colour, global colour certification, technical colour libraries, interactive online supply chain colour management and a pioneer adopter of evolving colour on screen technologies.

Editor of the successful book ‘Colour design; Theories and applications’. Conference speaker, university lecturer, innovations thought-leadership & think tanks, consultant to broadcasting and international fashion brands for staff training and supply chain colour management support.


List of participants

  • Karolina Białobłocka
  • Cecilie Brons
  • Glen Castinho
  • Marcia R. Cohen
  • Nele Dael
  • Piotr Paweł Drozdowicz
  • Nina Duda
  • Witold Gawlowski
  • Shiva Ghoflgari
  • Yulia Griber
  • Tomasz Tadeusz Hapka
  • Jelena Havelka
  • Kamil Hojarczyk
  • Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka
  • Domicele Jonauskaite
  • Grażyna Wąsowicz-Kiryło
  • Maryam Khalili
  • Anna Kmita
  • Marcin Koszałka
  • Izabela Kozłowska
  • Elham Atighi Lorestani
  • Joanna Łapińska
  • Natacha Le Duff
  • Nataliya Lushnikova
  • Bożena Łebzuch
  • Wojciech Maciejewski
  • Fiona McLachlan
  • Christine Mohr
  • Maria Kirk Mikkelsen
  • Ákos Nemcsics
  • Xaviere Ollier
  • Adam Panasiewicz
  • Alicja Panasiewicz
  • Maria Papadopoulou
  • Agnieszka Rek-Lipczynska
  • Petro Rychkov
  • Małgorzata Sawicka
  • Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewoźna
  • Jada Schumacher
  • Karl Schawelka
  • Katarzyna Słuchocka
  • Karolina Sobczyńska
  • Robert Sowa
  • Anna Steuer-Jurek
  • Joanna Szwed
  • Andrea Urland
  • Jana Vinarčíková
  • Barbara Widłak
  • Monika Wojtaszek-Dziadusz
  • Agnieszka M. Wójcik
  • Pietro Zennaro
  • Sunčica Zdravković
  • Beichen Yu